"The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made."
Psalm 145:9

Family of Christ

Personal victories, family achievements, business successes, and spiritual battles are all celebrated and supported together. This community rejoices when loved ones are saved, careers advance, and sicknesses are healed, offering collective prayer and support. In this family-like church, every triumph and challenge is shared, all to the glory of God.

Our pastoral team

Together, this team leads the congregation of Grace Church Shah Alam with wisdom, dedication, and a heart for serving God and His people.

Ps David

Rev. David Ramayah

Senior Pastor

Ps. Chan Lai Fun

Ps. Chan Lai Fun

Associate Pastor

Ps. Steffen Fickus​

Ps. Steffen Fickus​

Assistant Pastor

Ps. Joanna Fickus

Ps. Joanna Fickus

Children's Church Pastor

“3:16 Movement” Youth Ministry

We are dedicated to confront the youth with the presence of God, impart and empower the word of God into their lives, and to equip them to be a passionate people who can impact the place that God has placed them into.

“Kids Alive” Children's Ministry

KIDS ALIVE! is a ministry designed for children ages 3-12 years old. It’s a place to learn, not only about God and the Bible but about how to treat others. Here they learn the right way of living life, to love one another and respect each other. ​It’s fun we sing songs, dance, arts and craft, etc. Specially tailored towards children , the way they learn about God is in a way they can comprehend. Build their social skills and helps them make new friends.

“Cell Groups” Connect Groups

Most people find themselves most fulfilled when they are part of a group. May it be family, friends, work environment, or a group of hobby enthusiasts that share the same passion. It is a desire that God placed in us as humans – to belong to a group, being involved, and being part of something greater than you. The purpose is not to convince you to be part of a cell group but simply to show you that you will be more satisfied and better taken care of as believer if you belong to a care group.

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